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We are experienced tree trimming experts and natural arboriculturers.

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Tree Stump removal is a process that is very unique. We go beyond the roots to remove stumps.

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Tree trimming is the process of removing particular stems or branches to help a tree as a whole. By removing damaged, dead, and diseased branches it alleviates decay and insect organisms from getting into the tree. One of the most important plant species on planet Earth are trees. Trees give humans air to breath and they also provide us with food to eat like fruits and some vegetables. Trimming your trees can help prevent them from getting a disease. Also, it prevents the branches from growing out to a place you do not want them to grow, like on your house or over your windows. Most importantly, if a tree branch grows to a power line, it can knock your power out, as well as hurt the tree. A tree trimming professional should be hired on a regular schedule to trim your trees. Call us now to get the trees in your yard or at your business professionally trimmed. 

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Making our customers happy is our top priority when it comes to tree trimming. We have over a decade of experience in trimming trees and we know what’s best for your branches. Hundreds of companies have us  on contract to come and trim their trees periodically because they realize the importance of keeping their trees healthy. We offer non-contractual/contract services to our customers. We have tons of equipment to do all types of jobs like tree trimming, tree stump removal, stump grinding, demolition of property, and much more. Our equipment inventory allows us to do whatever is necessary for us to make you happy as a customer. Give us a call, tell us what services you need, and we will come with the proper equipment to quote you and start the job that same day. No other company stays ready to do a job like Bouie & Bouie. 

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When it comes to how often you should trim your trees, there is no standard answer because all trees and plants grow at different rates. For instance, some trees need to be trimmed every year while others need to be trimmed every 7 years. Some trees need to be trimmed sooner than a year depending on if the owner is into keeping the aesthetics of their lawn to perfection. Other trees may need to be trimmed every other week because they continuously grow in the direction of power lines or cover parts of a window or business signage. Whatever your situation is, we can help you with your trees and we have the knowledge to do the job right. We will not cut more than 25% of your new growth or do anything to harm the health of your trees. Give us a call we are ready to help you.

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Julia Reyes
Fashion Designer

I use Bouie to cut my moms trees when its time. She lives in Miami. They are always nice to her and she is always happy with their work. Their prices are the best in town. 

Preston Wilson

I highly recommend B&B they trim the trees at all my commercial properties. I have buildings and shopping plazas and I would not trust anyone else to do the job. 

Richard Steinberg

If you are looking for some experienced, professional tree trimmers call BB. I had a big mess in my front yard accumulating over the years and they did the job the same day as they gave me the estimate. They were prepared to do the job without delay. 

Joanne Ramirez

After getting estimates from 3 companies Bouie was able to give me a better price than all 3 companies and they started the job on the spot. I highly recommend them. 

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